The Silvia Zenari Civic Museum of Natural History is located in the historic center of the city of Pordenone and is housed in the sixteenth-century Palazzo Amalteo. The museum was founded in 1970 with the aim of bringing together the scientific and naturalistic heritage of the Silvia Zenari Naturalistic Society. The Museum preserves significant naturalistic collections of local and national interest. The tour begins with a splendid reconstruction of a woolly mammoth over three meters high. In the other rooms there are artifacts from the animal world such as insects, mammals and birds. Of great interest is the Theatrum naturae: an authentic casket of oddities with mysterious and monstrous creatures. Other elements of interest are white skeletons, colorful butterflies, exotic birds, minerals with a thousand origins and textures, gems and crystals. In the prehistoric section there are reconstructions of two different moments of the Italian Quaternary: a diorama in which the camp of Homo erectus found in Isernia has been faithfully reconstructed; a valuable painting and the imposing reconstructions of a mammoth and a woolly rhinoceros. The Rimoli collection is interesting, the most complete collection of minerals from the Alpe Adria.

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Via della Motta, 16
33170 Pordenone

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