The Archaeological Museum of Western Friuli - Castello di Torre di Pordenone is located in the northern area of the city on a hill. The Museum preserves a very rich and varied archaeological collection: from the Middle Paleolithic to the Roman age. The exhibition is divided into thematic and chronological areas including the rooms dedicated to the Middle Paleolithic, Neolithic, Ancient Bronze, Iron Age and Roman. Of great value are the archaeological materials from the nearby Roman villa of Torre, discovered in the 1950s. In addition to a sampling of construction materials relating to the architectural structures of the complex and ceramic products in use during its life stages, the visitor is offered the opportunity to have an overview of how some of the frescoed rooms of the villa. Thanks to the reconstruction of the wall decoration of two rooms and the repositioning of fragments of original plaster with ornamental motifs and figures, a scene from Amazonomachy is re-proposed, perhaps referable to a representative room, and a simpler decoration, with red and black panels, suitable for a more intimate and domestic atmosphere. The luxury of the decorations, dating back to the early 1st century. AD, deposes for a prestigious ownership of the villa. A small nucleus includes a section of medieval and Renaissance ceramics. Finally, some rooms trace the history of Giuseppe di Ragogna, the last owner of the castle.

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Via Vittorio Veneto, 19
33170 Pordenone

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