The National Museum of the Royal Palace is located in the historic center of Pisa. The Palace, whose construction, between 1583 and 1587, is due to Francesco I de 'Medici promises with the facade along the river while back, through two large arches, is connected on one side to the St. Nicholas Church and the' the other to the thirteenth-century House of the Widows. Currently also the Superintendent headquarters, housing the museum in the first floor rooms. It documents the development in time of an identical good appetite of the ruling classes, from the Medici to middle-class collectors of the twentieth century. There is in fact exhibit tapestry works and furnishings that the Medici used to decorate the rooms of the palace itself. In the portraits of the group of leading members of the family, we note the remarkable portraits of Eleonora of Toledo, wife of Cosimo I de 'Medici work of Bronzino, the same Cosimo depicted with grand ducal insignia, Ferdinando de' Medici as a cardinal by Alessandro Allori. Other monumental portraits of the Grand Dukes, alongside the numerous portraits of Ferretti and works of the members of the family Tempesti Lorraine succeeded to the Medici in the government of Tuscany and the two kings of Savoy, Vittorio Emanuele II and Umberto I. Of particular note is the collection of weapons the ancient game of bridge, rich in more than 900 pieces of Lombard workmanship of the XV-XVIII centuries. Among the private collections received for various reasons we highlight works attributed to Rosso Fiorentino "Rebecca at the Well", the young Raphael's "The Miracle of the two hanged, part of the predella of the Triptych of St. Nicholas of Tolentino", Francesco and Luigi Gioli and rich legacy of surgeon Antonio Ceci with Italian and Flemish paintings, miniatures on ivory, medals, porcelain, bronzes and drawings. Among the most recent acquisitions are the paintings by Plinio Nomellini, Spartacus Carlini, Galileo Ghini, Mino Rosi and Gianni Bertini. Also on show they are the very rich collection of plaster casts and paintings by Italo Griselli, among the greatest sculptors-Italian portrait painters of the first half of the twentieth century

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lungarno Pacinotti, 46
56126 Pisa


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