The Alviani ArtSpace is located in the historic center of the city of Pescara. The Alviani ArtSpace is an exhibition space born in 2013 and is located inside the Aurum of Pescara, which was once the liqueur factory. The space is dedicated to Getullio Alviani, an internationally renowned artist and exponent of Italian abstract and kinetic art. It is an artistic current that often comes to the larger kinetic art movement mainly for optical illusions. The exhibition space hosts temporary exhibitions of contemporary art and new technologies: electronics, kinetics and robotics. The Alviani ArtSpace is characterized by the presence of site specific works that accompanies the visitor from his entrance: a black and white tunnel, created by Getullio Alviani in 1995. It is a work that wants to provoke optical illusions by exploiting color. The Tunnel creates its illusions with a graphic art, whose surface is chromodynamic: it presents grids that create different effects to the viewer. The exhibition space enhances the figure of Alviani through research, visual and abstract art in relation to the interventions of emerging local and international artists.

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Largo Gardone Riviera
65127 Pescara

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Artsupp Card EN Fall

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