MEF Outside

Il MEF Outside

The MEF Outside is a new exhibition space in the city of Turin , in the premises once occupied by the Procope café in via Filippo Juvarra 13, in the same block as Le Musichall.

MEF Outside is the result of a collaboration with Murialdo's Opera Torinese , started in order to create a new cultural center of the city, born from the Collegio Artigianelli together with EtikØ, and Arte Brachetti. MEF Outside intends to create a link between the center and the suburbs , with the intention of giving life to a first new gem to the mother project in via Cigna. The choice of participatory and non-passive partners aims to create a real cultural pole in which the different actors are propulsive parts of the project. Investing in culture in synergy with the reality managed by the Murialdo Opera Torinese was for the museum the solution and the answer to a research that had been underway for some time. The location of the location, near the new Porta Susa station, the OGRs and the historic center, gives this shared project an absolute peculiarity and its own identity.

Furthermore, by bringing together different but contiguous cultural realities, such as theater, catering and the visual arts, it is possible to create a proactive and competitive offer at an international level of events, exhibitions, concerts and shows .

MEF Outside is located in a strategic area of the city. Between the headquarters and its "satellite" there are about 2 kilometers that can be traveled on a straight line (corso Palestro - corso Valdocco - via Cigna) which ideally and effectively unites the two places.


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Via Filippo Juvarra 13
10122 Turin


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