National Archaeological Museum Of Palestrina

The National Archaeological Museum of Palestrina is housed in the Renaissance Palazzo Barberini, on top of the ancient sanctuary of Fortuna. In the halls of the museum they are exposed the most important findings from Praeneste and from its territory, ranked by broad themes that encompass the main aspects of the history, culture and artistic production of one of the most important and flourishing cities of the ancient Lazio . The first floor rooms contain works related to the cult of Fortuna - such as the head of the cult statue of the goddess, found in the shrine inside the so-called pit of sortes, and the colossal statue of Isis-Fortuna, Hellenistic original in gray marble Rhodes, Roman copies of Greek masterpieces, honorary statues, portraits and reliefs of the Republican and imperial age. Augustan age dating one of the famous Grimani reliefs, wonderful artistic expression of the political program Augustan peace and rebirth, perhaps by the same sculptors who decorated the Ara Pacis in Rome. On the second floor there are materials found in the necropolis, including cyst and bronze mirrors decorated with fine incised decorations depicting rare versions of ancient Greek myths and Italic, and numerous votive terracotta and architecture from the city's shrines. On the third floor single room houses the grandiose polychrome mosaic of the Nile, a perspective view of the Egyptian landscape during the flooding of the Nile, made by artists alessandrini at the end of II B.C. It is one of the largest and most important preserved Hellenistic mosaics, a masterpiece of composition, taste and color richness of detail. In the archaeological area in front of the museum you can visit the imposing ruins of the sanctuary of Fortuna, structured in a series of artificial terraces connected by ramps and stairways. It represents the greatest example Hellenistic architecture in Italy, inspired by the eastern Aegean scenografici monumental complexes.

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Piazza della Cortina
00036 Palestrina


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