The Sicilian Giuseppe Pitre Ethnographic Museum is located in the center of Palermo and has two locations: one in Viale Duca degli Abruzzi and the other in Via delle Pergole in Tarallo building. The Museum was founded in 1909 by the scholar Giuseppe Pitre, who has been given the name of the museum. The museum is divided into 20 sections and houses a collection that bears witness to the history, traditions and customs of the Sicilian people, including etnolingustica Albanian minority. The collection consists of about 4000 objects from private ethnographic collections. The exhibition is organized chronologically and divided by themes accompanied by captions that provide information about the name of the find. They are part of the furniture collection and kits, costumes, pottery, art of the shepherds, the reference elements to hunting, fishing, agriculture and pastoralism, the puppets, the Sicilian cart, the paintings on glass, cribs, votive and children's games. In one room you can admire the large kitchen of the Bourbons that represents some traditional Sicilian cuisine. Of great value is definitely the typical costumes of the Sicilian popular culture, some of which have ancient origins.

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Viale Duca degli Abruzzi, 1
90146 Palermo

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