Museo Galluras

The Galluras Museum

A three-story building at the end of 1700, a modest house, with the classic exposed granite and nothing that makes it distinguish from many buildings of this Gallura where even the stone has its own history. Beyond these granite walls, materials and objects that furnish the amazing museum have a peculiarity. They are animated. Form and substance, act and power of everything that has moved, which has been among the shepherds, farmers, artisans, families of this flap of land. The attempts to catalog, describe, label this little treasure are completely rooms. To understand you need to breathe, watch, listen.

First ethnographic museum in Gallura, the region north-east of Sardinia, is set up on the faithful reconstruction of the typical environments of Gallurese civilization. The rooms have been rebuilt respecting the structure and balance of the old gallured houses, with a cure and attention to the details that makes them live, lived. A reconstructive fidelity that has astonished, sometimes moved those older visitors that those environments had lived and really known, finds that mean work, actions, words, emotions.

Hammer Femina Agabbadora

Inside the Galluras Museum, you can see the only speaking of hammer of Femina Agabbadòra found in an old stazzo in demolotation near Luras, the town that houses the museum.


Timetable and tickets


Via Nazionale 35/A
07025 Luras


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