Museo d'Arte Cinese ed Etnografico di Parma

Museum Of Chinese Art And Ethnography

The Museum of Chinese Art and Ethnographic Museum of the Xaverian Missionaries of Parma began in 1901, expressly wanted by the founder Guido Maria Conforti. At the conclusion of the great Universal Exhibition of Turin, organized in 1898, Senator Fedele Lampertico presented him with some valuable pieces to Msgr. Guido Maria Conforti, Bishop of Parma and founder of the Xaverian.

The museum is an art box and exceptional documentary importance, the result of a long and tortuous path. For some decades the Xaverian worked exclusively on Chinese territory and it was the missionaries in China that Conforti turned, asking them to be sent out to Parma significant objects of local art and life. The last direct input from China by the missionaries was in 1947; with the seizure of power by the communism ended the Xaverian mission in China.


From the 60, the nature of ethnographic material that was received from other countries in Asia, Africa and dell ' Latin America, saw to it that the museum arricchisse cultural aspects, testimony of three continents life.

With the’ inauguration of the 1° December 2012, the d&rsquo Museum, Chinese Art and Ethnographic Museum has undergone a radical and ambitious restructuring, an investment in the field of culture that has as its main target visitors and schools of all kinds and levels.

The Museum preserves the commitment of 'Xaverian Institute for culture and the enhancement of the great religious and cultural traditions in favor of Mother Earth and the globality. A museum with a strong international identity for the value of its materials and the modernity of the architectural and display solutions.


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Viale S. Martino, 8
43123 Parma


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