Museo Etnografico del Bosco

The Ethnographic Museum of the Forest

The Ethnographic Museum of the Forest is housed in an old barn renovated in the small village of orgy; Its main purpose is to collect and pass the testimonies linked to life and human activities in the area.

The forest and the sharecropping are therefore the central themes in this sort of "memory museum" mainly inspired by the life and culture of the people who lived in orgies and its surroundings some decades ago. In fact, peasants, woods and carbasses are, in fact, the true protagonists of the stories and documents collected in the exhibition spaces of this very special structure that also makes use of a didactic laboratory and a circuit of paths that cross the surrounding woods. The first section of the museum is dedicated to the forest and to its bond with emotions. The next, instead, presents the territory by illustrating the signs, traces of settlements and production activities, thanks to a collection of tools, oral sources and archive images.

On the upper floor there is a rich sample of objects of peasant culture that refer to life in the farms and tasks of Mezzadro and Boscaioli. Most of these findings, donated by the inhabitants of Orgia, is part of the private collection that established the initial nucleus around which the ethnographic museum was formed and evoke stories of a now disappeared world. The museum is also connected to a network of trails that, through the Val di Merse, offers visitors a path along the traces of the peasant presence, the processing of chestnut and spent professions related to the environment and the seasons: the woodcutter, I Carbassia, the cars.


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Località Borgolozzi
53018 Orgia


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