The Archaeological Park Pausilypon is an archaeological site located in the Posillipo neighborhood of Naples. The entrance to the park is through the Cave of Sejanus. According to the story it thinks this is the place where Publi Vedio Pollio, after the battle of Actium, spent his last days. This episode takes its name Pausilypon that "pain relief." Near the Villa is a small theater with 2000 seats, and today you can see their remains. The villa is situated directly adjacent protected area of ​​Gaiola Underwater Park. The park offers many nature and landscape testimonies with the most important findings including: the cave of Seiano, undeclared Gaiola Park, the Imperial Villa Pausilypon, the Odeon theater and the Palace of the Spirits. The Seiano cave is definitely the most important attraction. The cave is a tunnel, dug in Roman times, and used to connect the different villas that were once in Posillipo. Today you can visit the park submerged Gaiola through boat trips. The underwater park of Gaiola is declared a marine protected area in 2002.

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Discesa Coroglio, 36
80123 Napoli

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