The Museum Center "Center Museum of Natural Sciences" of the University of Naples Federico II, established in 1992, is a strongly committed public facility in the correct dissemination of scientific culture. At the Museum Center belong the Royal Mineralogical Museum (established in 1801), the Zoological Museum (1813), the Museum of Anthropology (1881) and the Museum of Paleontology (1932), hosted in the San Salvatore complex of San Marcellino and Festo, buildings of significant cultural and artistic interest. In particular, the mineralogical collections are exhibited in the prestigious monumental hall formerly Library of the Jesuit College, while the palaeontological collections are exhibited in the San Marcellino and Festo, recently renovated, which includes famous tiled floors, frescoes and architectural works. Overall, the Center occupies an area of ​​2800 square meters and houses more than 150,000 artifacts and has about 35,000 visitors a year. The museum heritage is vast and complex and, in some cases, unique. The collections document exhaustively many aspects of the world of nature connected with the research activities of scientists and Neapolitans with the territory. The collections of the Museum of natural Federico II are not, therefore, only "jewels" to be put on display but also the testimony of the scientific vitality of the scholars who worked and work in our region. Memorandum of Understanding between the Museum Center of the Federico II and the Directorate General of the Regional School for the region

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Via Luciano Armanni, 5
80138 Napoli

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