Castel dell'Ovo is located in Naples and is the oldest castle in the City. It is located between the Chiaia neighborhood and San Ferdinando on Via Partenope promenade. The name comes from a legend dating back to the Roman poet Virgil. The poet hid a magic egg in the dungeons had the task to keep up the fortress. This tradition was handed down through the centuries also by other sovereigns. It is said that during the time of Queen Giovanna I, the castle was a lot of damage and collapse. The Queen had to confess that he had replaced the egg to prevent the city from spreading panic and fear for new and serious misfortunes. Although the castle was destroyed to a large extent, still it stands standing in all its majesty. The Castle passed into the hands of various rulers in particular Anjou and Aragon, who used it as a strategic residence, thanks to its seaside location. In its halls are preserved in perfect condition, thanks to recent renovations, and host conferences, meetings and events. Castel dell'Ovo is unique thanks to its beautiful overlooking the Bay of Naples.

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Via Eldorado, 3
80132 Napoli

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