The Ceramics Museum of Montelupo is located in the center of Montelupo Fiorentino. The Museum is located in the former primary school Enrico Corradini, a historical architecture of the Thirties. The museum institution was founded in 1983. During the seventies, as a result of the archaeological excavations in the city center have been discovered a large quantity of pottery fragments. The museum in fact home to a large section dedicated to the tradition of pottery. The museum collection consists of several sections, on three floors and 12 rooms, tracing the archeology ceramics in the early twentieth century. The artistic heritage has expanded over the years thanks to the collections and donations from individuals. The ceramics are visible in total about 1200, but the capital consists of more than 5500 pieces. Among the most important ceramics is a basin of 1509 decorated with "grotesque" with colors tending to blue, yellow and red. Of great importance in this case is the red pigment that has been classified as "Rosso di Montelupo" due to its uniqueness and preciousness. Today the Museum is home to temporary exhibitions that bind to the theme of contemporary ceramics and educational workshops.

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