The Palazzo Farnese Museums are located in the palace in Piacenza; situated on the edge of the city to the north, separated from the settlement, still it conveys a sense of majestic severity. The design of the building is the famous architect Jacopo Barozzi, called Vignola. Work began in 1558, were interrupted ten years later, housed in this beautiful architectural complex of Palazzo Farnese, the Civic Museums are divided into several sections: Museum of Carriages: among the most prestigious in Italy for the variety of pieces and for their integrity. Armory: the collection (about 400 pieces) have exhibited some specimens of both offensive and defensive weapons. Notable armor, splendid works of Pompey, Craftsman Milan Cesa and the series of Venetian swords infantryman from the seventeenth century. Frescoes, Sculptures, Fasti Farnese, Glass and Ceramics: extensive collection of sculptures, inscriptions, frescoes, glass and ceramics dating from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century, mostly from private donations or religious buildings. Museo del Risorgimento arranged in four rooms collects documents, mementos, pictures and weapons dating back mostly to the years 1848-49 and 1859-61. Gallery: houses, in addition to the valuable collection "Rizzi-Vaccari", the Tondo by Botticelli depicting the Madonna Adoring the Child with St. John. Archaeological Museum: housed in the adjacent Cittadella Viscontea collects findings and evidence of Prehistory and Early History of Piacenza and, in a specially dedicated room area, the famous Etruscan liver, model of sheep's liver bronze showing inscriptions of names of gods and is a rare testimony of Etruscan religious practices.

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Piazza Cittadella, 29,
29121 Piacenza


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