The Museum of St. Francis in Folloni is a museum closely linked to the territory, the functional enhancement of internal areas and preservation of artistic heritage particularly struck by the earthquake of 1980. Open to the public 18 September 1981, enlarged in November '82, contains works recovered in the most affected countries, as Lioni, Conza della Campania, where they were found art artifacts that are often genuine discoveries. Currently most of the works have returned to places of origin, but those remaining will shortly be reorganized into a new museum frame. Among the many silver, liturgical and sacred vestments objects in the museum, they highlight the splendid processional cross Aragonese silver, some Neapolitan invoice goblets, and especially the fifteenth guise of Diego I Cavaniglia, found during excavations in the monastery. Recently restored and analyzed, the doublet and giornea the count have shown that Naples was the protagonist of a Europe-wide Renaissance culture, for the invoice of fabrics and types of decorations products. Among the paintings are certainly interesting St. Francis in ecstasy that the latest criticism believes the work of the painter Francesco Solimena shop and a painted lunette depicting the Annunciation, recently attributed to the artist Francesco da Tolentino Marche.

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via S. Francesco
83043 Montella


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