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Evan Roth's solo exhibition opens at Palazzo Santa Margherita at FMAV on November 24th at 6pm. Distorted Worlds edited by Chiara Dall'Olio. The American artist, for the first time in Italy with a solo exhibition, works between photography, video, installation and painting.

At the center of his artistic research are the distortions present at both a technical and socio-political level in the world of digital networks. Through his works Evan Roth makes the invisible aspects of communication-related technologies visible to all eyes, thus challenging the normal perception we have of them.

The exhibition at FMAV Palazzo Santa Margherita presents works created between 2013 and 2023 that reflect on the relationship between the internet and society. The exhibition itinerary opens with the unpublished work “ ” [dot dot dot] created for the occasion. A suspended and inverted triangular prism, formed by a tangle of ethernet cables that converge towards the tip within which a router is placed to which visitors can connect. The image of the pyramid refers to the Kopimi logo but also to the radio antenna erected in Poldhu in Cornwall by Guglielmo Marconi in 1901 as a transmission station for the wireless telegraph, from which the first transoceanic radio signal was sent: three points in the Morse alphabet, representing the letter S. With this parallel we want to underline the similarity between the internet and the radio, the first free and effective global communication tool, used for public and private communications and for the diffusion of independent messages, for example example during the Second World War. Both radio and the internet use the spectrum of electromagnetic waves to transmit data, but while as regards the former, anyone can create their own transmitter and own it, on the internet we are all users, even if we have a website or a social profile, of an infrastructure owned by a few multinationals. The radio uses clearly visible infrastructures in the area, the antennas, while the internet has hidden physical structures and even on a perceptual level everything seems immaterial, think of the "cloud".


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Corso Canalgrande, 103
41121 Modena


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