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Housed in some rooms of the Ducal Court and the first and second floor of the Rocchetta in the Castello Sforzesco, Museum of Decorative Arts   is  one of the  moreù ; significant collections of this type existing in Italy. Documenta, in fact, the evolution of taste and styles in the sumptuary arts, decorative and applied from classical antiquity to the fifties of the twentieth century, reaching the twenty-first century with regard to glass art. Along the way you happen masterpieces and exceptional items for qualityà ;, precious documents  work glassblowers, potters, woodcarvers, violin makers, silversmiths, goldsmiths, gunsmiths, weavers and weavers active in Europe since the Middle Ages. The collection includes tapestries, weapons, ivories, bronzes, ceramics, leather, wrought iron, ceramics, jewelery, clocks, porcelain, enamels, textiles, scientific instruments , glass. the weapons and some tapestries are on display in the first rooms of the Ducal Court; the second floor of the so-called Rocchettaè Instead all dedicated to the applied arts.


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Piazza Castello
20121 Milano

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