The Bagatti Valsecchi house museum is a result of an extraordinary story collector of the late nineteenth century. Since the eighties of the nineteenth century, the barons brothers Fausto and Giuseppe Bagatti Valsecchi devoted to the restructuring of the family home. The Palace is situated between Jesus and via the Holy Spirit, now in the center of the fashion district. The two brothers began collecting paintings and art objects applied four - sixteenth century with the intention be fitted out in their home in order to create a home inspired by the Lombard Cinquecento. The collection of the House Museum is very varied and rich in paintings, sculptures, jewelery, furniture, ceramics, ivory, scientific instruments, weapons and glass. They are preserved in the nineteenth century than dell'allestimento some of the masterpieces by Giovanni Bellini, Bernardo Zenale and Giampietrino. Today, the museum hosts temporary exhibitions, which come into contact with the permanent collection, seminars and conferences.

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Via Gesù, 5
20121 Milano

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