Leonardo3 Il Mondo di Leonardo

Leonardo 3 The World Of Leonardo

Leonardo3 – The World of Leonardo exhibition is one of the most important events in Milan. This Exhibit is not to be missed. The discovery of Leonardo da Vinci, the artist and inventor, with working models of his machines and digitalized restorations of his paintings, a worldwide first. In the heart of Milan, Piazza della Scala, the site of Leonardo’s statue. At the entrance to the Galleria in the prestigious space of the King’s Rooms.

The Submarine, the Perpetual Motion Machine, the Mechanical Dragonfly, the Rapid-Fire Crossbow, the Mechanical Eagle, the digital restoration of the Last Supper, the reconstruction of the Great Continuous Organ and other musical instruments are some of the most recent innovative additions to the exhibition. With multimedia display stations that permit hands-on interaction. In addition to the artistic works, the codices of Leonardo in virtual format are also displayed. More than 200 interactive 3D reconstructionsaccessible for all ages.

This is a unique event for all the family, students, tourists and anyone interested in the discovery of Leonardo da Vinci, as never before seen. Patronage of the Comune di Milano and Award of Excellence from the President of the Italian Republic. 


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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
20121 Milano


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