Fondazione ICA Milano

Fondazione ICA Milano

Foundation ICA Milan is a home for all the arts, an organization for contemporary culture and an ecological project for art based on the principle of sustainabilityà and relationships between people, their environment and the world of art. ICA Milano a no-profit institution founded by the will; the desire and passion of five people who have identified the city of Milan the ideal place to create a project open and dedicated to contemporary art. The nature and legal structure of the foundation (100% private) provides a totally public function where participation and sharing voices become crucial to the success of the project. The activities of the Foundation are focused on an exhibition program that ranges from '900 and so on; facing the interdisciplinarity of contemporary languages ​​in which categories fade and leave space to intellectual thoughts and actions capable of involving all types of public. Art publishing, ceramics, film, performance, music, activities dissemination, training and therapy are some of the ecosystem determinants rumors that Milan will become ICA.


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Via Orobia, 26
20139 Milano


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