Galleria d'Arte Moderna Contemporanea Lucio Barbera

The Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery

The Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Lucio Barbera is located in the historic center of Messina. The gallery was opened in 1998 in the joinery of the Province of Messina. The Museum was dedicated to Lucio Barbera, important original art critic of the city of Messina. The Gallery Lucio Barbera showcasing its collection consists of works of different artistic movements such as Arte Povera and Pop Art, as examples of Abstract Art. A section of the collection is dedicated to contemporary artists Messina who did know the local language of art in Italy and abroad. The collection has been enriched by "Quasimodo Fund" an important donation consists of manuscripts, letters, telegrams, family documents, translations and various writings of the poet himself. In 43 museum rooms are works by artists of the caliber Bonalumi, Boetti, Fontana, Guttuso and Pomodoro. Surely they are of great value the "Black 2177" works of Augustine Bonalumi and "Altarpiece" by Alighiero Boetti. The Museum has a library of art, conferences and seminars and exhibitions.


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Via XXIV Maggio, 48
98122 Messina


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