Ente Raccolta Vinciana

Ente Raccolta Vinciana

Within the Castello Sforzesco Milan are kept bibliographical funds of the ' "Body Vinciana Collection", photo library and several collections, which constitute one of the three più important landmarks in the world for the study of the work of Leonardo. There will contain, in addition to rare publications from the Five hundred on, and some manuscripts, all editions in fac -like the manuscripts of Leonardo, from più ancient, dating back to the second halfà of the nineteenth century, those più recent, published under the auspices of the National Academy of Lincei (Rome), the Royal Commission Vinciana (Rome), the Institut de France (Paris), the National Commission Vinciana (Roma). Next to the library must be remembered the photo archive of '' Ente Vinciana Collection ", which brings together numerous and sometimes rare photographs of works by Leonardo and his circle and their details, or paintings, sculptures and engravings related to the iconography of Leonardo.


Permanent Collection

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Piazza Castello
20121 Milano


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