Franco Albini Foundation

Franco Albini Foundation

The Franco Albini Foundation in Milan was established in 2007, following the recognition of the value of the artist's work bound by the Italian State as a National Historic Heritage and with the aim of disseminating a "method lesson" useful to the contemporary world.

The Franco Albini Foundation , in its headquarters in via Telesio 13, preserves the entire archive covering all of Albini's professional activity from the beginning in the 1930s to the collaboration with Franca Helg, Antonio Piva and Marco Albini, at Studio Albini Associati Marco. and Francesco Albini, still active today.

«It is more from our works that we spread ideas than through ourselves» argued Franco Albini.

And it is precisely his works that speak to us of him, of the philosophy underlying his work; of a strong social tension, expressed without redundancy, pursuing the obsessive attention to detail and the constant improvement of an idea capable of combining rationality with fantasy, giving life to a poetic and functional world at the same time. Albini spoke little and wrote rarely, but he managed to communicate his "values" to us through a language made up of concrete acts, capable of marking the history of Italian and international architecture.

The Franco Albini Foundation is a cultural center open to the public that carries out dissemination activities of the archive such as: publications, exhibitions, conferences, events and seminars, video-documentaries, guided tours (including private) on design and architecture, intercultural projects, workshops and laboratories for different age groups and Certifications of Authenticity of the Design pieces attributed to the Milanese architect.


Franco Albini

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Via Telesio, 13
20145 Milan


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