Poltrona Frau Museum

Poltrona Frau Museum

Poltrona Frau Museum is an exhibition space designed by Michele De Lucchi and housed in a portion of the industrial building of Poltrona Frau in Tolentino, a meeting place between production and the outside world. The choice of the location is a tribute to the Marche region where the company, founded in Turin by Renzo Frau in 1912, moved in the early 1960s. A solid bond that has strengthened over the course of over 50 years thanks to the expertise of the regional production fabric and the involvement of the local community. Interpreter of Italian excellence of which Poltrona Frau is an ambassador in the world.
1400 square meters in total that house a collection of materials as evidence of the history and evolution of the company which in 2012, the year of the inauguration of the Museum, celebrates its first 100 years.
It is a journey through time, where each tower of the exhibition is a small concentrate of the history of costume, in which we find Poltrona Frau furnishings on one side, and photos, images and original documents from the historical archive on the other.
Along the way there are two special areas: one dedicated to the Contract Division and the other to the Interiors in Motion Division. The first takes you on a virtual journey among the most evocative national and international auditoriums created with the greatest world-famous architects, the second will make you travel with your imagination, through the most exclusive means of transport signed by Poltrona Frau. At the end of the exhibition there is an entire area dedicated to the Leathership® of Poltrona Frau and a section dedicated to the Evolution of the Brand and the company logo from 1912 to 2012.
Inclusive and educational structure, in addition to the possibility of a guided tour, Edutainment workshops are organized for children, teenagers and families, with formats designed specifically for each age group. As in all major international museums, the Poltrona Frau museum also has a reading room where you can stop, admire and learn about.


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Via Cristoforo Colombo
62029 Tolentino


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