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The Mazzucconi Foundation continues to communicate the works of Vittorio Mazzucconi,

with the presentation of his books.

After having explored his painting and before dealing with his architecture, we see that these books are consistent with the same inner journey that leads the author to oppose the predominance of materialist reason of our time to reaffirm the values of the spirit.

The books are presented in the following exhibitions, with the related illustrative material, readings and debates by appointment


n.1 1967 The city in the image and likeness of man 18.09.23 – 02.10.23

2 1985 the nascent city 09.10.23 – 23.10.23

3 1989 The idea of the city 30.10.23 – 13.11.23

4 2003 The Palatine Pyramid 20.11.23 – 04.12.23

5 2007 The Ark of Man 11.12.23 – 25.12.23

6 2001-23 Writings 02.01-24 – 15-01.24

7 2009-12 The Convivio 22.01.24 – 06.02.24

8 2013-20 Orientation 13.02.24 – 27.02.24



For a complete view of the Master's works, see:

Exhibition no. 1, from 18.09.23 to 02.10.23


Hoepli Editions, 1967

The book is composed of two parts: the first on the idea of the city in general, as if the soul of an ideal city were outlined; the second concerns a real city, Milan, which this soul transforms.

It is a profound work, from the roots of the crisis of our time - the author was among the first to foresee the crisis - to the catharsis he hopes for, with the renewal not only of the city but of man. The title of the book alone "in the image of man" shows the constant reference to this central reality in all the fields he deals with: the city, architecture, painting and philosophy.

On an urban planning level, it proposes the extension of the metropolis to the entire area between Ticino and Adda; the network of motorways that would connect the towns, each with its own identity, united not in an undifferentiated periphery but in a harmonious federation; "the void" to be created in its centre, within the walls of the Bastioni; the idea that the city's building development should be stopped outside of it, instead dedicating the central space to memories, culture and meditation.

An evolution which, as shown in the diagram, should guide the whole of civilisation, if we want it to truly be inspired by man, certainly not the foolishly busy man of our days but the inner man, capable of looking not only at world but to one's own essence.

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