Palazzo dei Diamanti

Palazzo dei Diamanti

Palazzo dei Diamanti è an exhibition area of ​​propertyà the Municipality of Ferrara, used as major exhibitions of international importance aimed at continuing the great historical and artistic traditions of the cityà ;. The exhibitions are organized jointly by the  Foundation Ferrara Arte, by  Galleries of Modern Art and Contemporary Ferrara   and the Sector Activitiesà ; Culture of the Municipality of Ferrara.

Whatì It called due to the unique shape of the more than 8,500 blocks of marble that make up his rustication, the Palazzo dei Diamantiè one of the più Renaissance buildings; famous in the world . Designed by Biagio Rossetti, The palace was built on behalf of Sigismondo d'Este, brother of Duke Hercules I d'Este , since 1493, and it is the ideal center of the "Herculean Addition", true doubling of the cityà Rossetti concepì for the Duke.


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Corso Ercole I d’Este 21
44121 Ferrara


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