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Saturday 11 December 2021, at 6 pm, on the occasion of the XVII Giornata del Contemporaneo promoted by AMACI, MUSMA inaugurates IL TEMPO SE NE VA, the personal exhibition of Giovanni Gaggia: an exhibition matured over a long and unexpected period, adding and intertwining reflections and comparisons , in contact with a reality in tumultuous becoming, behind and inside the scenes of a city, Matera, ancient and only apparently immutable.

The two years of gestation in which the artist spoke at a distance with the curators, found a first fulfillment in the Residence-Studio in May - June 2021, in which Gaggia guided the dancer Paolo Rosini in the construction of a performance presented in the hall. 4 of MUSMA on 14 July 2021 at 20.21, sunset time. From these foundations a composite exhibition was born, characterized by a widespread setting in the spaces of Palazzo Pomarici. Giovanni Gaggia, shaman artist, faber artist, has directed multiple figures in the creation of a path in which the visitor is continually found to decompose and reassemble images, objects, words, sounds and points of view, in a plot that from the most sheltered depth and hidden in the caves of the city of Matera, it unravels towards the light and the spaces that overlook it and give it breath.

“His is not art that teaches - writes Tommaso Evangelista - or worse still transfigures, but art that helps and cares because it makes public space a private place of awareness. The truth that John seeks is not transmissible, because it is a knowledge of the soul, and then it is charged with minimal signs of contact and participation ”.

The visit itinerary, marked by five key words (Spirituality, Dance, Trace, Body, Memory), starts from the ground floor of the MUSMA where nine needles are displayed. The needle, an instrument that sutures and repairs, embroiders and returns, then returns to the oldest part of Palazzo Pomarici, surrounded by resonant voices: the sound diffused in the III hypogeum is the one created by Pietro De Ruggieri for the performance in July, starting from the rosary recited by some members of the Open Culture Volunteers Association 2019. Upstairs, room 1, from whose balcony two flags printed with the words of Pier Paolo Pasolini and Joseph Beuys stand out, welcomes the precious ring-sculpture of the designer Fabrizio Bonvicini. The dance floor, marked by gold-colored bands and the footsteps of Paolo Rosini's steps, unfolds in room 4 of the seventeenth-century building. The images and videos of the performance, made by the photographer Michele Alberto Sereni with the collaboration of Natascia Giulivi, are installed in the following rooms: Rosini's body becomes sculpture among the sculptures, emotional architecture, absorbs and expands the space in the ancient silence charged with the Murgia of Matera. Finally, the tapestries, embroidered by the skilled hands of the artist and some women of Matera, close a real story about Time, Time, Times.


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Via San Giacomo
75100 Matera


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