The Ducal Palace in Mantua is located in the northeastern part of the city lies between the shore of Lower lake and Piazza Sordello, the ancient St. Peter Square. The Gonzaga family (lords, dukes and ultimately the Marquis of Mantua) makes his residence from 1328 to 1707, when the last duke, Charles Ferdinand, was forced into exile. The building, initially made up of buildings of different ages, is an organic form in the second half of the sixteenth century, when it became one impressive architectural complex of 35,000 meters. With the Austrians some court rooms are rearranged in places of representation and during the reign of Maria Theresa of Austria, the building was renamed the Royal Palace. The Ducal Palace in Mantua, was a landmark for the history of art with the arrival in Mantua already Pisanello in the early fifteenth century, and later, with the presence of Andrea Mantegna. After the abandonment of the nineteenth century, the Doge's Palace is the beginning of the twentieth century the subject of restoration and become the state museum. In addition to the painting gallery, the sections of archeology and sculpture, of great importance are the apartments and St. George's Castle, where is the famous "Room of the spouses", painted by Mantegna, with scenes of Gonzaga.

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piazza Sordello, 40
46100 Mantova


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