The Archaeological Area Helvia Ricin is located in the town of Macerata. In the archaeological site, located near Villa Potenza, pre-historic discoveries document that the ricinese territory had to be inhabited since ancient times. It was Pliny the Elder, Roman scholar of the century. A.D. to mention for the first time Ricin as a Roman city. Judging by the monumental remains of buildings and public and private works, and the findings of tombstones and inscriptions, the inhabited area was to extend for about 60 hectares, mostly on the left bank of the River Power, the ancient Flusor. The city was located at the intersection of two major streets, the Nuceria-Ancona and the Salaria Gallica, which joined Ascoli in Jesi. Created as a city hall in the mid-first century. BC, Ricin possessed important buildings, such as the theater, in the Julio-Claudian, while the second century. A.D. date back to the houses with mosaics.

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