The Museum of Printing and printmaking in Lodi was inaugurated in 2008 and named "Andrea Slaves." The museum occupies the premises of the former Lodigraf typography, active until the eighties of the twentieth century. Andrea Schiavi was the principal creator who has created a real museum dedicated to the history of printing and art print through the ages. In the exhibition space you can admire the typical architecture of the old typography and machinery and equipment for printing perfectly preserved. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the activity craftsmanship and history of a civilization. The knowledge of this historical activity is transmitted in large rooms containing educational intent, in order to discover the secrets of this ancient art which, over the centuries, marked one of the most amazing inventions of man. The museum houses one of the most important collections of machines and equipment for printing in Europe. Starting from the ancient wooden drawers, complete with lead and wooden characters, the presses and the presses in the nineteenth century cast iron. We report the presence of the precious exemplary "Columbian", cast iron and steel, built in London in 1859 and a single original in Italian. Also on display the model of a wooden press in a 1: 5 scale similar to that used by Gutenberg for the printing of the Bible.

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