Greek Abbey Of San Nilo

The Greek Abbey of San Nilo, whose official name is Exarchic Greek Monastery of Santa Maria di Grottaferrata Abbey is now the only existing greek-Byzantine rite in Italy. Before this place became a Christian settlement, there once stood a Roman imperial villa. The imposing ruins of the mansion are located below the level of the church square. The Roman villa was incorporated in turn an existing burial chamber of the Republican period closed with railings, the "crypt ferrata" which gave rise to the name Grottaferrata. Currently the Greek Abbey of San Nilo is the last of the many Byzantine monasteries in the Middle Ages had spread throughout southern Italy and in Rome itself. It 'was founded in 1004 by a group of Greek monks from southern Italy, led by St. Nilus of Rossano, a charismatic spiritual leader and prominent figures of his time. At the end of the fifteenth century the abbey was encased in a massive city walls, designed by Antonio da Sangallo and Baccio Pontelli by Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere, later Pope as Julius II. Odoardo Farnese in 1610 it enriched the ornamental part to Domenichino commissioned the frescoes that can be admired today.

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Corso del Popolo, 128
00046 Grottaferrata


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