The Archaeological Area Of Vetulonia

The archaeological area of ​​Vetulonia is located in the picturesque town. Vetulonia is an important center of southern Tuscany which has ancient origins. Only thanks to the nineteenth century excavations of Isidoro Falchi, it was possible to reconstruct the millennial history of the city. The first settlements of the city date back to the ninth century BC, the tombs were built here in the street that is now known as the Street of Tombs. To the sides of the road there are two Etruscan tombs: the tomb and the tomb of Pietrera Diavolino. The structure of the tombs is circular with a long access corridor and a false dome that dominates the central environment. The building and urban developments underscore the Roman conquest of the city. The archaeological site consists of the remains of buildings that overlook the paved road, the main decumanus. From minor ways you can access the mansions like the domus. In the center of Vetulonia is also situated Costia of Lippi, as well as the most populated and lively area of ​​the ancient city with sidewalk and gutters for stormwater runoff. According to the ancient scriptures of Silio Italico come from Vetulonia symbols of Roman power: the fasces, the curule chair, bucina war and toga.

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