Museo delle Trame Mediterranee

Museo delle Trame Mediterranee

Museum of Mediterranean Textures Explore, search and exhibits through the forms and ceramic decorations, jewelery, textiles and costumes, the links between the cultures of the peoples of the Mediterranean in the artistic production.

the museum also houses a collection of d’ contemporary art among the mostù important d’ Italy, evidence of the contribution that artists from all over the world gave to the reconstruction of the cityà Gibellina after the earthquake that destroyed it in’ 68.

The Baglio Di Stefano, the Museum, in’ Old Granary exposes the work of the group  Form 1 with the works of  Carla Accardi, Dorazio , Sanfilippo, Turcato  and Consagra; the Piazza del Popolo group, with Schifano, Angeli and Tano Festa Mambor; the artists of the last decades Boetti, Scajola, Germanà ;, Nunzio, Genovese, Matta, Emilio Isgr memorize options  and  Luca Patella with some charismatic presence as that of Beuys.

  Also on display are the works of artists from’ Mediterranean area including  Hakim Abaci,  Nja Mahdaoui,  Moussa Traore and the Flying Carpet, installation  Stalker Group. In the external spaces are located on the mountain of salt by Mimmo Paladino, Circle of Life by Richard Long and installations of  Alfredo Romano, Peter Briggs, Francesco Arecco, Michele Cossyro, Ben Jakober, Salvatore Cuschera.


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Baglio Di Stefano
91024 Gibellina


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