Andrea Pitto Palace

Palazzo Andrea Pitto is located in the historic center of Genoa and is also known as Palazzo Centurione Cambiaso or Palazzo Gio Battista Centurione.

In 2006 it was included in the 42 buildings registered in the Rolli of Genoa and named UNESCO World Heritage Site .

The Palace was built in 1611 on commission from Oneglia Andrea Doria . Even today it is possible to admire the frescoes and decorations made over time by the court artists. Bernardo Strozzi, Gregorio De Ferrari, Bartolome Guidobono, Domenico Piola and Giovanni Semino are the artists in charge of decorating the rooms of the Palazzo .

In particular, on the main floor we find the fresco by Domenico Piola with the depiction of mythological elements.

The room of the Four Seasons with frescoes by Giovanni Semino is certainly of value. In the vault are represented the Truth revealed by Time with the Four Seasons. The path under the banner of Baroque painting proceeds with the hall of the "Triumph of Liguria" .

Here, Gregorio De Ferrari paints the fresco representing the Triumph of Liguria: the personification of Liguria is an armed woman with one eye on the palm of her right hand riding on a griffin; around her a series of dots that populate the sky. The visit ends with the Gallerietta with the Four Seasons by Bernardo Strozzi .

The artist creates a grotesque decoration with landscape and animal inserts. The Palace opens to the public on the occasion of the "Rolli Days", the days dedicated to the palaces of the Genoese Rolli.

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Piazza Fossatello, 3
16124 Genoa

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