Museum of the Commenda

The Ospedale della Commenda di San Giovanni di Prè is a very old building: it dates back to 1180 and was built to serve as support and assistance to pilgrims and crusaders who went to or returned from the Holy Land. Since May 2009, after years of restoration and archaeological research, the Commenda has presented an exhibition in the form of a “museum theater”, where the documents of history become images and spectacles thanks to the collaboration between Mu.MA and Teatro del Suono. Sophisticated technologies make it possible to animate the ancient walls by bringing back to life the characters of the time: from Friar Guglielmo, the builder of the building to the protagonists of the Crusades who fought the Genoese or collaborated with them, in Syria and Palestine, as Baliano d ' Ibelin or Saladin, the sultan, Kurdish by birth, who reconquered Jerusalem in 1187.The strong message conveyed by the new layout is that no one should feel like a stranger in Genoa. The concept of interculturality is at the center of the events of the Museoteatro because the Commenda was born to give hospitality to pilgrims and wayfarers by connecting different peoples and cultures.In the meantime it has also become a point of reference for interreligious events with local foreign communities and a suggestive location for receptions


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