Diocesan Museum of Genoa

The Diocesan Museum of Genoa is located in the historic center of the city.

The Museum was set up inside the cloister of San Lorenzo , the residence of the Canons of the Cathedral . During the 1100s the Romanesque Cloister was built which revolves around the Diocesan Museum .

Thanks to the restoration work carried out between 1988 and 1992, it was possible to restore the cloister, which has now fallen into disrepair, to its former glory. The Diocesan Museum of Genoa was inaugurated in 2000 and houses the works of the Genoese Church. In the underground rooms medieval artifacts are exhibited, including the funeral monument of Cardinal Luca Fieschi of 1336, attributed to the school of Giovanni di Balduccio da Pisa .

In the following rooms we find the works from the fourteenth century to the baroque art of the seventeenth century . Of great artistic interest are: "the Madonna with Child Jesus enthroned and saints" attributed to Perin del Vaga , "the Crucifixion" by Luca Cambiaso and "the Transit" of Santa Scolastica by Gregorio de Ferrari.

A small exhibition center is dedicated to the Ligurian textile and silverware manufacturing . The following stand out among all: the series of basins in embossed brass, the “Repositorio” in silver and donated by Placidia Doria to the church.

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Via Tommaso Reggio, 20r
16123 Genoa

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