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The exhibition, curated by Alessandro Castiglioni, presents a project that evokes the artist's travels who, from Sardinia, crossing the Alps, arrive in Brittany and finally in Scotland, in search of those archetypal forms that are the basis of cults and identities of peoples who, through archaic sculptural practices, aspired to create a dialogue between earth and sky, between the finite human and the absolutely infinite. The direct experience of the places and above all their internalization by Ciacciofera are fundamental factors for the creation of the work of art.

Condensing the infinite reveals the artist's fascination for megalithic or monolithic forms, such as menhirs and steles, capable of conferring sacredness and recognizability to certain territories, as well as immortal symbols of an important technological, social, cultural and economic revolution such as the one that characterized the Neolithic period, or even civilizations such as the Etruscan, Phoenician or Egyptian. The history of these archetypes seems to want to reconnect the biography, the microcosm of Ciacciofera with the macrocosm of universal narratives: the symbol is precisely the large stones which, following an imaginary geographical line, cross the Mediterranean, continental Europe and Northern Europe, from Sicily, the place where the artist grew up, to Sardinia, his native land, passing along the Alpine and pre-Alpine arc around the MA*GA, to reappear in the Celtic territories of Brittany in France and in the islands across the Channel such as Scotland.

The exhibition will thus take the form of an environmental installation, divided into three partitions, recreating sculptural alignments in the MA*GA exhibition space, as in the regions where menhirs exist. In a poetic dialogue, three-dimensional vertical forms will be compared with horizontal installations or even with pictorial or sound works, capable overall of recalling both the cult of waters dear to the Mediterranean and the sacred one of stones, in a great hymn to nature to which overall the Ciacciofera's work is aimed at. The visitor is immediately greeted by a series of glass sculptures, created at the CIRVA-Centre International de Recherche sur le Verre et les Arts Plastiques in Marseille, which rework the not only physical dimension of the Menhir, coexisting with spherical shapes referring to the myth of water. In the second room, small boxes with a votive flavor interact with nine colorful steles, similar to theaters with a complex architecture produced by the artist through the reuse of paper, cardboard and waste materials with a symbolically and deliberately eco-sustainable creative process. A sound work specially created for the occasion accompanies these steles, creating a synesthetic and immersive environment that invites the spectator to get lost in a place as natural as it is imaginary. These sounds recorded directly in nature and rhythmically reworked through the use of electronic patterns continue the sound work already presented by the artist for Documenta 14 in Athens and Kassel with The Density of the Transparent Wind. The exhibition itinerary at MA*GA ends with a site-specific installation in ceramic and natural moss in dialogue with a pictorial work, in the form of a triptych. The exhibition itinerary is completed with the section set up inside the ViaMilanoLounge rooms at the airport of Milan Malpensa T1, where you can admire the Janas Code wall sculptures emblematic of Ciacciofera's production. Paced by perpendicular lines that evoke the axes of space and time which, intersecting, form the network, these works are created starting from a construction material, to which a new meaning is attributed, but whose original support function is preserved.


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Via Egidio de Magri, 1
21013 Gallarate


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Until 01 September 2024

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Until 01 September 2024

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