National Archaeological Museum of Formia

The National Archaeological Museum of Formia is located in the city center, on the ground floor of the eighteenth-century Town Hall of the city. Built in 1997, it hosts a number of commemorative statues of distinguished members of the imperial family Julio-Claudia. These statues were found in Formia, particularly in the area of ​​the old Forum (currently Matteij Square). A collection of sculptures of high artistic level, enriched and expanded over the years. The exhibition highlights the period starting from the first century a.c. and second d.c. century, moment of maximum splendor of the city of Formia. As mentioned above, in the National Archaeological Museum of Formia you can visit masculine and feminine statues of honorary character, formiana company protagonists. Patrons, magistrates, members of the imperial family and so on. Present also many depictions of deities and mythological subjects, at the time destined to grace the many seaside villas on the coast of the city. Formia over the years has been a favorite destination of many illustrious citizens of Rome, who in Formia decided to spend their holidays and part of their lives. One example, the great Roman orator Cicero.

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Via Vitruvio, 184
04023 Formia


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