Farm Cultural Park

Farm Cultural Park

Farm Cultural Park is a new generation of independent cultural center with a strong focus on contemporary art, design and architecture. And 'it situated in the heart of the historic center of Favara, in a neighborhood called of "The seven courtyards" for its urban structure characterized precisely by seven small courts, and that over time had been almost abandoned. Farm Cultural Park has acquired some of the houses inside the seven courtyards, transforming them into places of exhibition of contemporary art, meeting spaces, open kitchens for workshops and luncheons, cocktail bar and much more. In this way the area has changed from a place abandoned and degraded in the center of tourist attraction and place of meetings on innovation and the arts. The birth of Farm Cultural Park is also served as a stimulus for all the citizens of Favara, over time the whole city center has been revitalized, with the opening of local attracting audiences from nearby villages, but most others have decided to invest in binomial historical/cultural center, creating other very interesting fact. This way you are also trying to collectively contribute to the achievement of one of the original goals of the founders of Farm Cultural Park, Favara namely to make a cozy and attractive city for new citizens.


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Cortile Bentivegna
92026 Favignana


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