The Museum of Crotone is located in the historical center of the Calabrian town. The museum is located at the Aragonese Castle of Crotone, also known as the Castle of Charles V. In 1996 it was decided to destine the fortress museum space including the Adjutant Torre, partly Sottocampana Barracks and Commander Tower. The museum is divided into six distinct sections: heraldry, ceramics, prints and photographs, medieval costumes and finally disappeared farmhouses. The main body of the museum is the Barracks Sottocampana which displays archaeological finds from the private collections of noble families. The heraldic section presents the insignia of the Ruffo family, feudal lords of Crotone up to 1531. In the ceramics section are kept the items found during the restructuring phase of the Santa Chiara monastery and the Castle. It is certainly very valuable collection of medieval costume with 52 suits of princes, courtiers, dignitaries, peasants, religious and craftsmen. The museum is also located the Municipal Library.

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Piazza Castello
88900 Crotone


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