The Villa Rendano is located in the historic center of the city of Crotone. The Villa is one of the most important in the city thanks to its Tuscan and Florentine Renaissance style. Since 2012 the Villa has belonged to the Attilio and Elena Giuliani Foundation, thanks to which the Villa has been transformed and enhanced. Of great value is certainly the noble floor and the beautiful staircase perfectly preserved. The ceilings feature frescoes with an elegant charm with depictions of female figures, rural landscapes and tree-lined gardens. The Villa is the seat of the Cosentia Itinera Museum created to bring the citizens of the city closer and thrilled. Cosentia Itinera is the largest interactive museum in Europe for its technological avant-garde and its scientific research and digital innovation activities. The multimedia path focuses on the history of Cosenza and its identity symbols. The Museum is home to temporary exhibitions, cultural activities and projects.

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Via Triglio, 21
87100 Cosenza

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