Crystal Museum

The Crystal Museum

The Museo del Cristallo in Colle Val d'Elsa is the first Italian museum dedicated to this precious material and its processing which represents, for the Colligiano territory, one of the most important productive realities: in the city 15% of the crystal of all over the world and over 95% of all of Italy. The modern structure that houses the museum, set up inside one of the ancient furnaces of the glassworks and glassworks Schmidt or former Boschi glassworks, was conceived to combine the past and the present of the city, memory and progress, recovering and while enhancing a former industrial area.

The different sections reconstruct, through an original museum itinerary, the history of the local glass industry, starting from 1820, the year of the first furnace, up to the full realization of lead crystal in 1963, presenting examples of pre-industrial production and glass finds dating back to the 14th-15th century. In addition to the classic table items (glasses, goblets, bottles) you can see other objects of daily use such as inkwells and funnels, but also pharmacy and laboratory glasses. Different styles correspond to each historical period, in terms of shapes, colors, processing techniques and decoration: the explanatory panels, in retracing the history of the various glassworks born in the city, offer an interesting insight into the life of Colle and its inhabitants, thanks also to historical documents, period photographs and curious anecdotes.


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Via dei Fossi, 8
53034 Colle di Val d'Elsa


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