Fondazione Pistoletto

Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto

Cittadellarte wants to inspire and produce responsible change in societyà through creative ideas and projects.

Cittadellarte– Fondazione Pistoletto è a physical location, a’ idea, a vision, a project, a communityà ;.È really a great challenge to describe in a few words a realityà così articulated and complex. Già from its name suggests l’ goal they have set its founders: to create a place where you encounter artists, scientists, activists, entrepreneurs and representatives of the institutional world, a real house of’ art, a’ art seen as of responsible social transformation.

not only. The Cittadellarte name incorporates two meanings: that of the citadel, which is a’ area in which the’ artè protected and well defended and that of the cityà ;, which corresponds to’ idea of ​​openness and complex interrelationship with the world. Cittadellarte, alsoè a laboratory-school dedicated to the study, experimentation and the development of practices to translate into realityà the symbol of the Third Heaven , implicated Miller in every social sphere and in every type of organization, starting from the individual to the highest bodies like the United Nations. The same myth of the Third Heaven   here has its origin and in its thought of, progettarsi and makes manifest and proposes a constant research aimed at creating a balance between opposing trinamico. Cittadellarte, therefore,è a new artistic and cultural institution that places the’ art in direct interaction with the various sectors of societyà ;. A place where converge ideas and projects that combine creativesà ;, and entrepreneurship training and production, ecology and architecture, politics and spiritualityà ;. A multifaceted and Polymorphic body intended to produce civilizationà ;, activating responsible social change necessary and urgent local and global level.


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Via Serralunga, 27
13900 Biella


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