Fondazione Ragghianti

The Ragghianti Foundation

Foundation Ragghianti , named after one of the historic highs of’ Italian art of the twentieth century and his wife Licia Collobi (anch’ she distinguished scholar), was established in 1981 thanks to the donation, by Ragghianti spouses, their library, photo library and archive to the Cassa di Lucca. Always it has the aim of " offer the cityà and to the north-west Tuscany territory, as well as anyone interested, one of’ art study tool, in history and in the present ."

the Foundation is located in the charming monumental complex of San Micheletto , all’ interior towns Mure, near Porta Elisa and all’ Botanical Garden: an ideal place for study, research and enjoyment of beauty and culture.

That the Ragghianti Foundationè one of the più important specialized Italian libraries in the history of’ art.  Of great interest are also archives (available by appointment) and the collection of brochures and photographs, which amount to more than one hundred fifty thousand.

Right from’ beginning of their activitiesà Fondazione Ragghianti has organized important exhibitions d’ art, credited as an exhibition center d’ excellence recognized internationally.

They are also open from December 2016, the “ Sculpture Gardens Pier Carlo Santini &rdquo ;, a’ permanent exhibition of 32 works belonging to the Foundation's collection. The sculptures are of important artists, especially Italians; for most it comes to donations received during the eighties and nineties. The decisive factor, in the creation of this collection was  Pier Carlo Santini   (Lucca, 1924 - Florence, 1993), first director of the unforgettable Ragghianti Foundation. Hence the willà to make it dutifully free with’ naming of these“ The gardens of the sculpture Pier Carlo Santini ” intending to be a gift of beauty and meaning for the cityà Lucca and all the visitors of this place.

In the first cloister there are sculptures of Gi memorize options Tomato , Gigi Guadagnucci , Girolamo Ciulla , Marcello Guasti , Alba Gonzales , Pietro Cascella , Paul Mullet , Ugo La Pietra , Rosario Murabito , Pier Giorgio Balocchi , Pino Castagna , Fifth Ghermandi and Nado Canuti . In the spaces of the Fondazione Ragghianti library are works of Alberto Viani , Vittorio Tavernari , Giuseppe Rivadossi , Giuliano Vangi and Ivan Theimer . In the second cloister we find monumental works in stone and marble Mario Negri , Lorenzo Guerrini , Luciano Pera and Salvatore Sava and also two Pino Castagna and Novello Finotti .


Permanent Collection

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Via S. Micheletto, 3
55100 Lucca


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