The Mound Montefortini and Boschetti, the archaeological area of ​​Comeana is located in the city of Carmignano. The mound was discovered in 1965 by four researchers who dug on a small hill began to remove pieces of plates belonging to Etruscan tombs. The artificial hill houses two tombs built in different periods. The oldest tomb presents a "tholos" central plan structure and a "false dome" brick. The tomb was discovered only since 1982. The rich grave goods is now exhibited in the Museum of Artimino. They were part of the funerary equipment a turquoise glass cup, two censers, numerous objects made of ivory carved in low and high relief and plates and cups. Beside the tomb tholos is present in the grave rectangular chamber, also with a false time. Along the walls of the tomb runs a shelf for accommodating cinerary urns of the deceased. The tomb was looted and we have received a few funerary items such as crude pottery, cups bucchero and remains of vases in glass paste. It is called "mound" in that the clayey earth ensures stability to the side walls.

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Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 43
59015 Carmignano

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