Garibaldi Compendium

Garibaldi Compendium

The Garibaldi Compendium is the place where Giuseppe Garibaldi built his home and where he lived with his family for the last 26 years of his life, from 1856 to 1882.

Together with the house, called the “White House”, the Compendium includes: Garibaldi's first house in Caprera, consisting of a pre-existing restored sheepfold to which the wooden house was added, which arrived disassembled from Nice and reassembled in Caprera; the so-called " iron house" , a sort of prefabricated wooden house covered in iron foil, where Garibaldi organized the library ; the old warehouses , inside which the teaching room is located.

A suggestive place, immersed in the green of the Mediterranean vegetation. Here Garibaldi started his farm, personally cultivating the vegetable garden, the orchard, the vineyard and the orange grove, planting trees such as the majestic pine still dominates the garden today. And here he is buried, in the small family cemetery.


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Compendio Garibaldino
07024 Caprera - La Maddalena


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