Remotti Foundation

The Pierluigi and Natalina Remotti Foundation is located in Camogli, in the province of Genoa. The Foundation was founded in 2008 in the site of the deconsecrated church of the former convent of the Gianelline. Pierluigi and Natalina Remotti have decided to restore the rooms of the convent, thanks to the help of site-specific artistic interventions. In the altar wall we find the work of Alberto Garutti, the facade by Michelangelo Pistoletto, the trusses by Tobias Rehberger and finally, the floor by Gilberto Zorio. The works can also be admired from the street, which is why the visitor is attracted to enter. The exhibition spaces house an important collection of contemporary art by the two founders that date back to the 1970s. Of great interest are the projects dedicated to artists, such as the Schiaffino prize, a tribute to the author and satirical designer. The Foundation is home to temporary exhibitions and national and international events as well as conferences, musical events and film reviews.

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Artsupp Card EN Fall

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