Museo della Milizia

Museo Della Milizia

Militia Traditional Calasca  founded in 1641.Ospita a remarkable collection of decorations and uniforms weapons in the seventeenth century, chosen from what still supplied to the traditional Militia. The traditional militia Calasca, founded in 1641,è on a par with that of nearby Bannio one of the Italian military institutions, tutt’ now  Active albeit in folk dresses, PIù ancient date. Constituent events and maintenance over the centuries have made that the movable body to be enriched by numerous items of military clothing and weapons, in fact unrelated to’ standard equipment, often from other bodies and armies extra-national ( France and Austria in particular). To us memorize options It added that, often receiving uniforms adjustments and locally made embellishments, youè sometimes in the presence of remarkable examples of textile crafts. The museum collection, which boasts an innovative layout and in contrast to the’ environment that hosts andè been cured, for the historical part, by a renowned scholar Novara, presents unique and of great value for the history  Italian military. Next to the room dedicated to’ exposure to a second room tells the origins and historical events of the militia with extensive photographic documentation and d’ archive.


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Località Antrogna
28873 Calasca Castiglione


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