Archaeological Park of Brixia Romana

Brixia. Archaeological Park of Roman Brescia

The archaeological remains of the monumental buildings of ancient Brixia are still preserved in the historic heart of Brescia. In Roman times, Brescia was in fact one of the most important cities in northern Italy, located along the so-called via Gallica.

The archaeological park of Roman Brescia is the largest urban archaeological area in northern Italy and allows you to admire the remains of the Republican Sanctuary (1st century BC), the Capitolium (73 AD), the Roman Theater (1st - 3rd century AD) and the paving of the decumanus maximus, on which via dei Musei stands today. The area also opens onto today's Piazza del Foro, which preserves vestiges of the square from the Roman age (1st century AD).

In addition to these buildings from the Roman age, the area also includes noble palaces from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Modern that "rise" directly from the ancient ruins (Palazzo Maggi Gambara and Casa Pallaveri, both owned by the municipality).

In the archaeological park we can therefore read an uninterrupted stratigraphy of testimonies extending from the second century BC to the nineteenth century. Since 2001 the Archaeological Park of Roman Brescia, together with the monumental complex of San Salvatore-Santa Giulia, are registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List with the site “The Lombards in Italy. Places of power (568-774 d. C.) ".


Archeological area

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Via Musei, 57
25100 Brescia


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