Parco Archeologico di Brixia Romana

Archaeological Park Of Roman Brescia

In the historical center of Brescia are preserved archaeological remains of the monumental buildings of’ ancient Brixia. In età Roman Brescia was in fact one of the cityà più important of’ northern Italy, located along the so-called Via Gallica.

Brescia Roman archaeological park è l’ area più urban archaeological; wide of’ northern Italy and you can admire the remains of the Republican Sanctuary (first century BC), the Capitolium (73 AD), the Roman Theater (I– the third century AD) and paved the decumannus on which today insists via dei Musei. L’ area also opens on’ today's Piazza del Foro, which retains vestiges of Piazza età Roman (first century d.C.).

In addition to these buildings età Roman, are part of’ even noble palaces in area età medieval, Renaissance and modern that“&rdquo rise; directly from the ancient ruins (Palazzo Maggi Gambara House Pallaveri, both municipal propertyà).

In the archaeological park reads then an unbroken stratigraphy of testimonies that extend from the second century BC until all’ nineteenth century. Since 2001 the Roman Brescia Archaeological Park, along with the church of San Salvatore-Santa Giulia, are entered in the PatrimonioMondiale of’ UNESCO with the site“ The Lombards in Italy. Nearby points of power (568-774 d. C.)&Rdquo;.


Archeological Area

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Via Musei, 57
25100 Brescia


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